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My paintings serve as my visual diary.  As with dream imagery, interpretations may vary and content is personal and symbolic.  Themes are highly autobiographical and reflect fear, hope, sorrow and longing, most often played out in a natural setting. 


I explore my connection with the natural world and my sadness over the destruction that man has brought to our planet.  I look for meaning in the ephemeral, yet cyclical, seasons of nature, and search for the interconnectedness of events over time. 


Like leaves in a river, the events and relationships of today flow by and become the past, while the events of the future move inexorably closer. In this onward rush of time, nothing ceases to exist but rather moves to a space that is less visible to the human eye.  In the same way, the fears and hopes of the past never dissapear but reconfigure endlessly in the inner theatre of the soul.

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